Echo Earth Care

Working together with our community

We believe that happy, resilient communities are ones that work together, where everyone helps everyone else and resources are shared and for the benefit of all.

With this in mind we try to work with local organisations and businesses for our mutual benefit.

Shapes Tree Surgeons

We work with Shapes Tree Surgeons to recycle and repurpose as much of their waste wood as possible, either by using logs as firewood or by using the woodchip for mulch or for making compost.


Brian and Christine Holmes home tens of thousands of their bees here, producing their delicious Aberdour Honey which is sold in many of the local shops. The bees enjoy lot's of organic forage whilst we benefit from their enthusiastic pollination.


When we first moved to Croftgary we hosted a couple of dozen sheep for local farmer Kraig Kerr. Again, the sheep enjoyed the organic pasture while doing a great job of conditioning the soil for our future forest garden.

Living Water Ecosystems

We host a research station and conduct ecological research on behalf of Living Water Ecosystems Ltd. This includes experimental design, delivery, analysis and reporting.

Your project?

We are always interested in working with new partners so if you think that you have a project that would fit with our ethics and be mutually beneficial please get in touch at